iPhone 3g

First blog from my iPhone I got as an exam treat. It is fantastic! I have unlimited data so I can blog anywhere,


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quickly …

.. got back from holiday a few hours ago.


Tomorrow is the big day




Holiday was great – more detail to come


now i’ll try and sleep … not that it’s gonna be easy


see you all on the morrow

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bits and bobs …

… Watched a good program on iPlayer today called Lost land of the jaguar. Its about a team of people who are exploring the Jungles of Guyana which is North of the Amazon. They’re trying to find out whether it is pristine i.e. it hasn’t been hunted or logged. They are a team of naturalists who are working to find new and endangered species to prevent Guyana from being logged and ruined. Worth a watch if you’ve not already seen it. click here 

Last weekend I was up on the East coast near Scarborough and went to go-ape at Dalby forest again which was top draw. Villa in Mallorca is close now!

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I’m Back …

I’ve just got back from spending the week in Northampton with my cousin near Brackley. Train journey back was bad – I spent half an hour waiting at Birmingham New Street for a freight train fire to be put out near Burton-on-Trent. We eventually got back to Derby station 20 minutes late – the whole journey from Banbury to derby taking over 2 hours and costing nearly £30 one way! However cross country kept me well updated on the train of the situation so it wasn’t too bad and I visited the Buffet carriage!

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Nadal is the victor of All England

YES – MY FAVOURITE WON!! Rafa Nadal!!!! WELL DONE, The man from Manacor, Mallorca. 

he wins[thanks to getty images]


Fantastic match today – well done to Federer to!

more thorough post tomorrow! 


G’Night Wimbledon

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Freedom …

… All my 14 exams are now over! Gone well I reckon! More specifically Geography went very well, got finished just in time, good paper. As Ramsay would say DONE! 

News today – Tesco share holders are voting as to whether Tesco should adopt a fairer animal welfare policy on chickens – finally. Still at Sainsburys however they still seem to have too many of the badly reared chickens 😦 No news about a more local Waitrose either! 

Looking dead hard for a job at the moment, but I think I have one in the pipeline! 🙂 

Architect came yesterday to look about our extension – his plans sound good, anyway looking forward to that happening. Also went to pizza express / Derby with Chris on Wednesday as well as planning London. 

Coming up in next few months …

  • 2 visits to London 
  • Staying with cousin nr. Oxford – maybe go to Milton Keynes, Oxford and Bicester Village!
  • Cousin staying with me – maybe go to York and Birmingham
  • iPhone 3g on PAYG
  • Holiday in Mallorca – luxury villa and hotel [keep carbon footprint low this year LOL]

Thanks to Tony and Ingrid for some great teaching over past 5 years!

Hit my myspace for some Prom photos. 


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The end is nigh …

… yep its nearly all over.

Basically this blog is not going to be updated until end of June when I’m done at least, not sure what it will transform into yet maybe an A-Level Geog Blog! 

Resource booklet in lessons at the moment so not worth blogging. I’m going to be too busy with GCSEs to bother with this now .

Just back from Center Parcs – a well earned break!


pilotgcseradicalgeography for exam prep etc 

Bye for Now!


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